Sunday, 16 May 2010

Revlon Colourstay review

I bought the Revlon Colourstay with pretty high expectations. After watching a few reviews on YouTube I thought this would be the foundation I'd been waiting for... light but fantastic coverage, amazing staying power, natural looking etc etc, unfortunately I don't think we were meant to be.
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I got this in 150 Buff, which is the second lightest shade, usually I would have gone for the lightest but I thought as it's coming up to summer my skin might tan a little. This is actually a pretty good colour match for me right now and it's also for oily/combination skin, so that's a bonus.
When I first tried this on I was really happy with the coverage, it pretty much covered everything! The only thing is though that the liquid is really fast drying and is quite hard to blend. To make sure you blend properly you have to do a small part of your face at a time, say your cheeks then your nose, chin then forehead, or whatever. The consistency is really light, which is surprising because of the really high coverage, and it's quite runny so the bottle gets messy, but I'll get onto that in a second.
After you've applied it, your face feels like you have nothing on at all and it doesn't transfer onto your clothes or your hands. The staying power for this is longer than any other foundations I've owned. For me, this lasts about 10 hours, but subconsciously I re-apply loose powder through out the day.
The packaging is nice and simple, however it's heavy and could possibly break easily if dropped. The thing I hate about the packaging is that it has no pump. NO PUMP. It's so messy and gets all over the lid, all over the side of the bottle and there is no clean, non-messy way to get it on your hand/brush!
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The next foundation I'm buying HAS to have a pump, it's starting to get on my nerves!
For this foundation I've used fingers and a 190 brush (because I'm poor and that's all I own) and I have to say neither are that good. With my fingers I don't get as much coverage, but with a brush the foundation seems to drag over my pores and my blemishes and makes them look patchy, especially on my nose. Now I'm not sure if this is the application or because I have bad skin (and I do), but I intend on trying sponges or a different brush when I get the money for one. I've heard a 187 and damp sponges are good so I shall experiment further.
It does seem like I should be pleased with this foundation, but even though it covers well, the fact that it makes my pores look huge and patchy is just off putting. I really want to love this foundation, but right now it's not happening :(

The pros:
  • Medium to high coverage
  • Light on the skin
  • Long lasting
  • Oil-free shine control
  • Transfer-resistant
  • SPF 6
  • Wide colour range
  • Drug store price -£10
The cons:

  • No bloody pump
  • Heavy packaging
  • Hard to blend/quick drying
  • For me, makes pores/blemishes patchy
  • Runny consistency
I'd probably buy this foundation again and give it a second chance, but for now I'm looking for another one to try. If you have any reccomendations please let me know!


  1. this might not be good for you but i'm gonna suggest anyway,
    i quite like loreal paris matte morphose. i have a sample in creamy natural which is a bit too dark but when i have the money i'm gonna buy a proper one in a lighter shade :) it's creamy and gives quite good coverage.
    at the moment for all over i'm using avon's cashmere finish foundation, which believe it or not is quite good :)

  2. My Mum's bottle of this smashed and the product ran out of it in a few seconds because it was so runny that put me off trying it because I'm too clumsy.
    You could try the Bourjois ones, they're pretty good coverage and have a pump and about £8-10. I love them.