Friday, 7 May 2010


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Topshop nail varnish in Parma Violet, Topshop lipstick in Desert (meant to buy Vamp but got the wrong one!), Topshop blush in Flush, Topshop kohl pencil in Coal, B blonde cream peroxide & Revlon colourstay in Buff.

I spent a long time in Topshop today deciding exactly what to buy making sure it was what I really wanted. I really liked the Vamp lipstick which looks brown but really it's a very deep red and it's gorgeous! For some reason though I ended up picking the wrong colour completely and it's not even a fairly nice one that I'd wear! Hopefully they'll let me return it as I haven't opened it. I also walked out of Topshop with some nice new black plimpsoles which I had no intention of buying but y'know! I'd like to just mention that the colour of the nail varnish is GORGEOUS!
I'll do reviews on the make-up stuff soon, giving me a chance to use the products. I've had the Revlon colourstay foundation for a few days and so far it's pretty good and I'm using the peroxide to bleach the ends of my hair so I can dye them pink, if it works of course!

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