Monday, 10 May 2010

Topshop nail varnish review

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I never intended to buy this nail varnish as I had my eye on Sunset which is from the SS10 collection. As I went to pick up Sunset I saw a girl looking at Parma Violet and my mouth dropped. I needed this nail varnish and I needed it badly. I love the colour lilac & right now it's one of my favourites and very on trend!
So, on the Topshop website it says that their nail varnishes are fast drying, have extra long wear with a lasting glossy wet look finish and perfect coverage. I do pretty much agree with that, I've had it on now for about 4 days with no top coat and it's only just beginning to chip. Bearing in mind that I play guitar almost everyday and my nails chip so easily, this is pretty exceptional. The consistancy is pretty thin, so you do need two coats of this. One coat comes out patchy on your nails so the second coat will make the colour more brighter and will also give your nails more coverage.
This set me back £5 which is a little expensive seeing as Barry M nail varnishes are about £2-£3 & they are really good quality, but I think if you find a really nice, unique shade you like, go for it because they are great nail varnishes!

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