Friday, 21 May 2010

Feel pretty, wear

I fallen in love with ever since Alison Sudol (who is probably my favourite person in the whole world) modelled for the their black label. mainly make hair pieces which come in three different collections. The black label, their most expensive and exclusive line, each piece is handmade with vintage and very hard to find materials and embellishments., vintage inspired pieces, handmade and includes some of their original collection. Then there's heart by, their new and more affordable collection which are easy to wear everyday. They also make belts and corsages (coming soon), which are equally as pretty.

These are some of my favouries from the black label (yes, that is Alison Sudol, isn't she the most beautiful girl ever?) and they range from $250 to $350. I hope they ship to the UK! Check out their website here!

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